Our Wine Makers

In house specialists

Process, Values and Standards

The Brignole winemaking team is comprised of experienced, award-winning vintners with combined experience of over 70 years. Lead by Winemaker Bob Thomas, and Assistant Winemaker Lee Baldieri they share the same passion of taking the grape and turning it into wine.

Our Winemakers’ use estate grown grapes along with California supplied grapes and blend these grapes into our award winning wines. They use the best of old world traditions with state of the art equipment and modern technology and products that result in rich and balanced wines.


The team’s philosophy is a simple one, attention at every stage of viticulture produces only the highest quality wines that can be enjoyed by all.

Daniel Brignole

Keeping our business in the family. Dan left a promising career path in mechanical engineering to come learn from some of the most qualified wine makers in the region. Dan works in our state of the art cellars crafting each wine from the vine to the glass.

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